Angkor Design provides you with all your design needs. Our team of experienced business specialist and professional graphic designers are ready to satisfy your image requirements.


Our team at Angkor Design Creative Design can help you attract the right customers, look professional, increase revenue, and stand out from your competitors. We achieve this through our exceptional graphic design services, which elevate your brand and make it appear essential and impressive.


  • Develop a visually appealing logo that embodies the essence and values of the brand, incorporating elements of Khmer culture where appropriate to resonate with the local audience.
  • Ensure the logo is versatile and can be effectively used across various platforms and applications, maintaining clarity and impact in both digital and print media.
  • Design professional and cohesive stationery, including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, incorporating Khmer typography and cultural elements as necessary to align with the brand’s identity.
  • Ensure that the stationery designs reflect the brand’s aesthetic and maintain consistency with the logo and overall brand image.
  • Provide print-ready files and digital formats for easy utilization across different mediums.
  • Design eye-catching and informative leaflets and flyers that effectively communicate the brand’s message and offerings, considering the target audience and the desired impact of the designs.
  • Incorporate Khmer language and cultural motifs where appropriate to resonate with the local audience and enhance the relevance of the materials.
  • Ensure the designs are visually engaging and align with the overall brand aesthetic while effectively conveying the intended information.
  • Development of visually stunning brochures and menus for hotels, highlighting amenities, services, and unique selling points while incorporating elements of Khmer culture and aesthetics to resonate with local and international guests.
  • Ensuring the brochures and menus maintain a cohesive design aesthetic reflecting the brand’s style and identity, with the inclusion of Khmer typography where necessary to cater to local customers.
  • Providing print-ready files and digital formats for easy distribution and display.
  • Creation of visually appealing and easy-to-navigate menus for restaurants and coffee shops, integrating Khmer typography and cultural elements where appropriate to enhance the dining experience for local and international patrons.
  • Ensuring the menu design reflects the brand’s style and identity while maintaining consistency with the overall brand aesthetic and effectively presenting menu items and information.
  • Providing print-ready files and digital formats for seamless integration into the dining establishment’s operations.

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Graphic Design FAQs

Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions about Graphic Design services. If you don’t find the answer to your specific question here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

1. What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design involves the creative process of combining text and visuals to effectively convey messages through various forms of visual communication such as logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, and signs. Nowadays, graphic designers commonly utilize desktop publishing software and techniques to achieve their objectives.

2. What’s a Logo Design Brief?

To start the logo design process, we will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire online. This will help us gather all the necessary information from you, which will serve as the basis for the design brief.

3. When can you start working on my logo design project?

Once we have received the logo design brief, along with all the necessary project details and a 50% down payment, our team of graphic designers will begin their work.

4. What Is A Logo Design Concept?

Our logo designers craft distinctive symbols or marks known as design concepts to represent your organization, company, event, or even yourself. These visual solutions are tailored to your specific requirements, taking into account all the information you’ve provided. To ensure accuracy and thoughtfulness, it is crucial to provide a comprehensive and precise design brief.

5. How many revisions does a logo design have?

After the design process, you will receive three logo options that align with the agreed-upon objectives. Once the final payment is made, you will have full ownership of the copyright for the selected design, which includes three rounds of revisions.

6. After the finalization of the logo artwork, what file formats will be made available?

The logo artwork will be given in Adobe Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Portable Network Graphic (PNG), and Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) file formats.

7. Do you serve customers outside Cambodia?

Absolutely! Our services are not limited to Cambodia alone. We cater to customers worldwide, no matter where you are located. If our work resonates with you and you are in need of a logo design, we are the perfect fit for you!

8. How long does a logo design take?

Our graphic designer usually takes about 4-7 days to complete a logo, but this timeframe may vary depending on our workload. We will discuss the schedule before any payments are made. Please note that the turnaround time is also influenced by how quickly you provide feedback and if there are any additional design revisions.

9. Will you own the copyright of the final logo design?

After your logo design order has been finished and you have made full payment, you will become the rightful copyright holder of your logo design. If you desire, you have the option to copyright or trademark your logo.

10. Will you own the copyright of the final logo design?

After your logo design order has been finished and you have made full payment, you will become the rightful copyright holder of your logo design. If you desire, you have the option to copyright or trademark your logo.

11. I have an urgent logo design project that must be finished by tomorrow. Are you available to take on this task?

Unfortunately, our team is unable to accommodate your request. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

12. Do you design your logos from scratch?

Absolutely! Our team of talented and imaginative designers start the logo design process from scratch, using cutting-edge software that is widely recognized in the industry. We take a personalized approach to every project, ensuring that your logo is one-of-a-kind and completely authentic.