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If you’re in search of a fresh WordPress CMS website for your business, require support services for your existing WordPress website, or are considering changing CMS providers, our skilled web development team is here to assist you. We are located in Siem Reap and have satisfied clients throughout Cambodia.

WordPress CMS Website Design & Development in Cambodia

WordPress CMS Design and Development

No matter if you’re just beginning, running a small online business, or operating a large-scale eCommerce venture, we are here to create a top-notch WordPress website that will assist you in reaching your business objectives. Our range of WordPress services encompasses everything you need.

WordPress Themes

Our highly skilled team of developers can design custom-made WordPress themes that effectively represent your brand, highlight your offerings, and enhance the likelihood of visitors taking action on your website.


Our team takes care of everything for your WordPress site, from the initial design and planning to its final implementation. We ensure that your site is easy to navigate, adapts well to different devices, and meets all your specific business requirements.


WooCommerce is specifically created for eCommerce WordPress websites. It allows you to present your products or services to your target audience in a user-friendly format that is simple to handle.

API integrations
and customisation

We simplify your operations by linking your WordPress site to various external software using API integrations. Some of the systems we connect to include PayWay by ABA Bank, Acleda eCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, and several other financial or CRM platforms in Cambodia.

WordPress CMS
Website Hosting

To ensure your website’s security, stability, scalability, guaranteed uptime, and ease of use, we exclusively utilize WordPress’ dedicated hosting. This hosting solution in Singapore allows for seamless growth and expansion alongside your business.

WordPress CMS

If you already have a WordPress website or are considering changing your CMS provider, we offer ongoing support for your WordPress development. Our services go beyond the initial set-up and installation, ensuring that you receive continuous assistance and guidance.

Easy to use

If you’re searching for a user-friendly content management system that enables you to effortlessly incorporate new pages and content to your website as your business expands, WordPress is the ideal choice. With their web-based platform, you can conveniently access it from any location without the hassle of downloading any software.

Google loves WordPress

Based on our own experience, when websites are migrated from other content management systems to WordPress, there is typically a notable improvement in SEO performance. This can be attributed to the clean and straightforward code used in WordPress, which allows search engines like Google and Bing to easily navigate and index your site.

Everything is customisable

WordPress websites offer complete customization options, allowing companies to create a website that perfectly represents their brand and effectively converts leads into loyal customers. The design possibilities are limitless, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a website that reflects their unique style and vision.

International selling

WordPress is an ideal platform for businesses that cater to international customers. It comes with a convenient multilingual feature, allowing you to effortlessly showcase content in various languages to users worldwide, irrespective of their language preferences.

Types of Websites Design in Cambodia

Some of the most well-known types of websites for businesses in Cambodia include e-commerce sites, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, hotels, resorts, news portals, social media platforms, online directories, NGO and blogs. These websites offer various benefits to business owners, such as increased visibility, wider reach, and enhanced customer engagement. With the rise of digital technologies, having a strong online presence has become essential for businesses in Cambodia to stay competitive and succeed in today’s market.

Boutique Hotels or Resorts Website Design

Our hotel website design service can help you create a stunning online experience for your guests. With our help, your boutique, hotel, or resort can attract more customers and generate more online bookings. We offer both custom coded websites and pre-designed templates that are cost-effective and perfect for those on a tighter budget. Contact us for free consulting and let us help you create a website that your customers will fall in love with.

Coffee and Restaurants Website Design

Looking to impress your guests? Give them a stunning website experience that showcases your Coffee Shop or Restaurant. You can count on us to create a fully customized website design that includes your menu and services. We also offer affordable website templates, as well as free consulting for those on a tight budget. Let us help you create a website your customers will love!

E-commerce Website Online Store

Our e-commerce website service can help you create a stunning and user-friendly website that will impress your guests. With online payment options including Visa cards and local banks such as ABA Bank and Acleda Bank, your customers will enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. We provide custom website designs and coding for your products, as well as affordable website templates with free consultation services. Let us help you create an e-commerce website that your customers will love!

Travels & Tours Website Design

Make your travel website stand out by providing an exceptional user experience to your guests. Allow your customers to explore and fall in love with your tours and travel packages through your visually appealing website. Give your guests the convenience of making online payments or deposits through various local and international payment options, like Visa card, ABA Bank, or Acleda Bank. We offer complete custom website design services for your travels or tours business, including custom coding of your services and products. Choose from our value-for-money travel website templates or opt for a more economical option with our free consulting services.

Company Profile or Portfolio Website Design

Our website design services can help you create an exceptional online experience for your guests. You can impress your customers with a company profile or portfolio website that reflects your brand’s unique identity. We specialize in custom website designs that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our templates are cost-effective and ideal for those with limited budgets. We also provide free consulting to ensure your website design meets your goals and expectations.

NGO Website Design

We can help you create an engaging website that will impress your guests. Our team specializes in designing non-profit organization (NGO) websites that will capture the hearts of your customers. We provide custom-built NGO website designs and coding to showcase your services or donation options. Our non-profit organization (NGO) website templates are cost-effective and provide great value for those on a tight budget. Our website design services also include free consulting to ensure your website is tailored to meet your needs.

General Website Design

Our website design service is designed to enhance your online presence and provide an exceptional experience to your clients or guests. By partnering with us, businesses can attract more customers and boost their sales while also improving their brand image. We provide custom coded websites as well as pre-designed templates that are budget-friendly. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us assist you in creating a website that your customers will adore, regardless of the industry you are in.

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